Hi there!

Glad you’ve landed on my site. I’d love to know about you, and here’s a little about me:

My career started off with me earning a degree in Linguistics from UC Santa Barbara. While there, I took a Computational Linguistics course, and was first exposed to NLP when functional conversational AI assistants were merely a pipe dream. I was hooked. After a few years as a project manager at TransPerfect Translations, I taught myself Python and completed a fellowship at Hackbright Academy, an Accelerated Software Engineering program for women. 

After that, I landed a job at Midea Emerging Technology Group where I worked as an NLP software engineer. Happily tinkering away at one of the most complex problems in computer science: getting robots to understand human speech, I learned the ins and outs of what makes a chatbot tick. This led to my favorite part of making the bots: conversation design. 

I dove in, studying microcopy, technical writing and UX writing. I then landed a job at Wix as a conversation designer, working on the customer support virtual assistant and extending it to Global Markets.

Since discovering the fusion of the strategic and creative writing that makes up conversation design, I am obsessed. I consume as much content as possible to learn how to facilitate pleasant human-computer interaction, and am passionate about writing compelling microcopy to help solve people’s issues via conversational AI.

In the rare hours I’m not studying conversation design, developing chatbots or building voice apps for Alexa on the side, I enjoy camping, cooking, spelunking, exploring San Francisco and diving down rabbit holes researching nutrition.